Table Mountain, Cape Town


Four disclaimers:

1. Don’t steal my work. Seriously. The writing and images on this website are mine. If you want to share it with others, send them here.

2. If you are sad, angry, disappointed by anything on this site, bear in mind that these constitute my personal opinions. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m not asking you to agree or approve. This is a record of how I experienced things. If you experienced it differently, that’s also fine.

3. The language may be colorful at times.

4. For the time being I’m writing (for this site) without an editor. A writer without an editor is like a hunting knife without a sheath, at a gun fight, or a wedding reception (with some families, the latter event can’t happen without the former)…see what I mean? An editor would curb some of the rambling and metaphor abuse. Ever seen a pack of hyenas with a downed antelope or a pack of stoners gathered around a pack of chips? That’s me with metaphors and comparisons. Dignity and self-restraint be damned. I’m rambling. Right. Point made… like a (only kidding).

5. I can count, but I love screwing with anal retentives.

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