by the lake with spatter

YE STUPENDOUS COMPENDIUM of free* potential band names

*Free means: you’re welcome to pick one of these for your band name, as long as:
a. You link to this page from your band/act’s online page/s.

b. You let me know so that I can link from here to your page.


The list (with links back to the events that inspired them):

  1. Hope Fell Off (the story behind it – still to come)
  2. Where’s Grumble? (the story behind it)
  3. Ninja Dong (the story behind it)
  4. Curtain Dress (the story behind it)
  5. Ain’t No Hashtag  (the story behind it)
  6. Barry And The Troglodytes (the story behind it)
  7. Pinball Rude (the story behind it)
  8. The Blanket Forts (the story behind it)
  9. Small Feet (the story behind it)
  10. Be My Babylon (the story behind it)
  11. Human Anymore (the story behind it)



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